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Our Story

We are Thanh Le and Daniel Ruhr, together we're the founders and faces behind LE RUHR, a couple-duo based out of Vancouver, BC.

We started the idea of this business during the midst of the pandemic when Thanh found her love for baking (especially cookies - her guilty pleasure). It gave her this inner peace and control that she really needed during uncertain times.

After trying endless recipes and never finding the right one. Failing to make the “perfect batch” over and over again... the cookies were either way too sweet or way too dry. Empathizing with those that just want to create something delicious without all of the hassle, precise measurements, and prep. 
So we thought...why don't we make a cookie mix for the every-day consumer that craves fresh, delicious cookies that can readily be made in their own kitchen?! It should be that simple! After hours, weeks and months of experimenting, Thanh finally developed the perfect cookie that friends and family loved and kept wanting more of. And for Daniel? Well, he might’ve gained a few extra pounds during this process, haha.

Fast forward to 2021, we're here to share our best kept secret packaged into a fun cookie mix that you can enjoy and share with your loved ones too!

Our cookie is the perfect balance of not-too-sweet, soft, ultra chewy and moist (I know, I know, I said moist!). But these aren’t just your typical cookie mixes you find on the shelves, we wanted to make them better. 

We’ve taken a “modern” approach to your traditional baking mix by incorporating unique and fun flavours. We've also cut out the unnecessary amounts of added sugars as we firmly believe everyone deserves to indulge without sacrificing their health or feeling guilty about it (let's be real - no one likes an overly sweet cookie). All while supporting locally by sourcing simple, high-quality ingredients across BC/Canadian brands. Lastly, sustainability is important to us, so we've invested into only recyclable and/or reusable pouches and mailers!

We promise to keep innovating so we'll be developing and introducing new flavours to market each season, we'd love to hear your ideas! 

Thank you for following along our journey thus far and we appreciate all of the support :).

Thanh & Daniel